Mini GPS Tracker

One of the smallest GPS Trackers on the market is available at now.  This mini GPS tracker is packed with features, long battery life, and a simple interface for online tracking.

Mini TRACKER contains an extremely sensitive GPS receiver that also works under very difficult circumstances. It is therefore no need for a visible antenna on the roof.

We offer various Minitrackers for a variety of  tasks. In brief, the following options listed are some samples:

Good for:
* Vehicles where the tracker can connect 12-24V.
* Detection of individuals

* Battery life only up to 4 days
* Not weather resistant

Application examples:
* Cars (theft, service vehicles)
* Persons

Good for:
* Ensuring objects can not allow excitement to the tracker.
* Security of objects not normally move very
* Tough environments
* Weather-resistant use

* Is greater than E1

Application examples:
* Personal Safety/ Lone Working
* Motorcycles, ATVs
* Caravans, containers, trailers
* Wheelchairs
* Value Shipments, building materials
* Construction Equipment
* Boating (Safety and example. Regatta)
* Furniture
* Cars (rent, lease, trials)
* Cattle
Good for:
* Security of boats and marine engines
* Weatherproof

Mini TRACKER ESP1 is the world’s smallest GPS tracking device and requires No subscription !

Mini TRACKER EPS1 fills only as a box of matches and weighs approx. 50 grams.

Mini TRACKER EPS1 is extremely easy to operate – call it up and wait for an SMS with accurate position indication and speed. The position can be entered directly on the instance. Google Earth or Google Maps and you have a map showing the location.

With Mini TRACKER EPS1 is it possible to listen to what we are talking about in its immediate vicinity.  Call Mini TRACKER and listen in!

Many opportunities
Mini TRACKER can be set to give the alarm when moving, speeding, high / low temperature (EPS1), exceeding the area (geo-fence) and also gives the alarm for low battery voltage. Eps2 and EPS3 can give alarms for up to 8 receivers.

Short and sweet
•No subscription
•SMS with position and speed
•Free Live Tracking
•Message by theft
•Message by excessive speed

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MightyTracker Installs in less than 20 minutes

20 minutes to Install MightyTracker for vehciles

If you are looking to use a magnet mount unit, selfpowered with battery or extended life battery, or using a hardmount for a vehicle the installation steps are very simple.  In less than 20 minutes you are up and running.

Each hardware option will be delivered with how-to instructions and an account is generated for online tracking as soon you purchase the service.

MighyTracker is a scalable solution. Supports one vehicle or 500 vehicles on a single map!

Use MightyTracker GPS Tracking: Streamline Efficiency To Save Time, Money, And Worry – GPS Trackers Practically Pay For Themselves
GPS Trackers can save your business thousands of dollars and help streamline efficiency. How? By helping you track and manage all assets remotely. Quickly and easily locate lost or stolen equipment and reduce uncessary delivery or transit detours. For delivery, transportation, or businesses that move or transport assets, GPS Trackers can help save on fuel costs and increase efficiency. You can effectively monitor your fleet and cut down on idle time in order to find the most efficient route for delivery, service, or transit. This applies to both transporting goods and keeping an eye on employees. With a GPS Tracker you can more effectively monitor and manage your employees helping you identify problems or delays. Perfect for people in the jewelry industry, construction business, car manufacturers, and any business that ever has important assets in transit.


GPS Cargo Tracking Insights- save costs

The trick about tracking containers is recognizing where you can save costs and increase effeciency based on dependant logistics and technology.  Many firms go to the unnecessary cost of implement satellite tracking technology and fees, when simple GSM would suffice.

If you are shipping containers around the world, it usually is shipped on a ship that already has GPS on it and most likely some kind of Iridium or Globalstar or other type of communications network and location data.  Safe to say if you can check with the carrier – no need to build redunancy and add satellite tracking to the container as well.  It won’t go missing unless the boat is missing.

As the boat enters docks anywhere in the world, about 92% of them are covered with GSM service (just like your cellphone provider).  So you should have coverage, and be able to track your container as it is being loaded on/off the ship, to trucks, to destination, etc.  It is a much more cost efficient method to tracking cargo containers with cost efficiencies now to about $20 for 1 MB data roaming packages available .

Here is a sample link to a container tracking solution that sets alarm when ever door is opened so you can time stamp every access to the container from source to ultimate destination.

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GPS Tracking Benefits Outlined

The benefits of using our GPS vehicle tracking system & devices for the monitoring of your fleet are an unwritten story for you to tell us. One clear benefit, however, of using MightyTracker is that you’ll know the location of your vehicle or vehicles within meters at any time  – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here are some other benefits:

  • Increased Productivity
    • Fleet drivers and employees who know they are being monitored by GPS vehicle tracking devices will follow guidelines and take more direct routes to jobs.


  • Monitoring driving routes, stops, idle time, and speeds with GPS tracking systems allows fleet managers and owners to reduce fuel consumption throughout the fleet


  • Reduced Fleet Fuel Costs
    • Drivers who know they are being monitored by GPS tracking devices change their driving and behavioral patterns to fit within their given rules.  Those that do not can be corrected accordingly.


  • Improved Safety
    • Poor driving habits can be eliminated or improved as fleet managers and owners audit driving habits and receive automated alerts for speeding with our GPS vehicle tracking systems.
    • Reduce speeding


  • Reduce Private Use
    • Unauthorized Movement Alerts tell when a vehicle moves during non-working hours.
    • Historical route tracking shows if vehicles were taken away from their designated work areas.


  • Improved Customer Service
    • Seeing every fleet vehicle on a single map allows you to route the nearest driver to job sites.  This also allows you to predict the time of arrival.


  • Theft Recovery
    • Hidden in the vehicle, the GPS tracking device will continue to work until it is removed from the vehicle.  Thus, if a thief does not know the GPS tracking device is installed, the vehicle is being tracked allowing the user to notify police as to the location of their stolen vehicle.


  • Timecard Validation
    • GPS Fleet Tracking systems allow managers and owners to know when drivers arrive and leave job sites

4 Ways to Improve ROI with Asset Tracking

Here are four ways that a GPS asset tracking system will increase your return on investment.
Manage loss. No business likes to face losses – especially ones that could have been easily prevented. And, losses that involve expensive assets such as vehicles deal a heavy blow to the on-going profitability of the business. GPS asset tracking allows you to attach devices to your assets which can then be used to monitor their movements. Then, if there is a loss by theft, the item in question can be located by authorities quickly and recovery efforts made so that you can get your asset back and functioning again.
You can implement a system by examining the assets that you need to track and then choosing the right device for your situation.
Manage expenses. By using a GPS asset tracking system on your vehicles, you can help insure that they are used properly. Speeding and other moving infractions can be monitored and dealt with by drivers of company vehicles. Also, maintenance schedules can be monitored to make sure that each vehicle is up to date on important mileage check points.
Manage cost of insurance. Insurance premiums are lowered with GPS asset tracking. Since the insurance company risk is lowered they are willing to give back in order to help you save money. These savings can add up and drive profit to your bottom line easily.
Manage growth. Is your business growing? Is the number of assets that you have growing with it? As that happens, it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of and monitor for location. GPS asset tracking performs this function very well for you. It is almost like having an extra employee.
Who knows your business better than you? You know what the risks are and that you need every advantage that you can get in order to remain profitable and realize a strong return on investment. GPS asset tracking gives you the edge you need to be better at what you do. The benefits are too good to avoid.

GPS Container Tracking

Almost 90% of the world trade is accomplished with the help of containers using different means of transportation including ships and trains. The container trade faces a lot of challenges comprising of container tracking, real time monitoring and intrusion detection, real time theft reporting mechanism, and status reporting of shipment items. While in principle the above functionality can be provided by state of the art industrial monitoring systems, it does not provide the advantages in flexibility and cost of wireless sensor networks (GPSs). In combination with GSM and GPS/Galileo technologies, GPSs can result in a system capable of tracking and monitoring of containers in the real time. discusses the problems faced by the container industry, how a GPS Strategy and  network can help solving these problems, and the challenges ahead.

 For further details ask to speak with a representative at for more details on the solutions proposed.

MightyTracker GPS Boating Safety

Boating Safety
With MightyTracker Marine, your boat is not just protected from theft; it can even be a safer vessel for you and your family. Our Marine unit can be configured to notify you by pager or cell phone of loss of battery or shore power, and bilge pump failure. You receive this critical information in time to be proactive and take appropriate measures.

Boat Rental companies can have a Geo Fence configured to keep their fleet in predefined boundaries, and have the ability to quickly locate their assets.

Reduce Theft/Unauthorized Use.

Our technology enables the recovery of stolen equipment and identifies unauthorized use, reducing your firm’s exposure to risk and potentially lowering your insurance costs.

Watercraft Fleet Project Management.

Reduce time and costs of equipment transportation by knowing exactly where your assets are. We enable your company to more intelligent project planning by scheduling equipment maintenance, fueling and transport according to actual usage and location data.